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Financial literacy is something that everyone can benefit from. However, the issue is that people often don’t know where to look. Even worse is when people immediately shy away from the topic of finances because of previously held misconceptions. Those misconceptions can turn into deep financial troubles. Before things get dire, it’s important to get helpful information.

Now is the time to enact change! Money 3 is a blog that’s wholly dedicated to providing useful and factual tips regarding finances and loans. While one man’s experience is good, having several aboard is even better. As such, this blog is open to contributors and fellow writers!

If you believe you:

  • Have hands-on experience in financial employment fields
  • Well-versed on the nuances of financial literary
  • Have tried and tested positive financial advice
  • Understand that financial topics can be daunting
  • Have compassion and a drive to help others
  • Are able to suitably pen down your thoughts and ideas in a conversational and friendly tone
  • Are highly responsible and ethical regarding submissions

If it’s a resounding yes for the items listed above, Money 3 excitedly opens its doors to you!

Help me guide others through the maze of financial literacy. Together, we need to show them that there is nothing to be frightened of. The way to true financial freedom is through suitably arming yourself with necessary education.

If you’re ready and willing to share your first-hand knowledge about finances and loans, send a message to

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